Every week I’m going to post things I’m loving. It’s my way of sharing awesome things with my community, plus added bonus, maybe you’ll start loving this stuff too. 

This week, I’m loving Arrow, the CW drama based on the DC Comics character, Green Arrow. 

For those of you stuck watching Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD and whose eyes roll anytime something from Marvel’s distinguished competition is mentioned, I submit to you Arrow, a show that is vastly superior in every way, shape, and wait for it… form to Marvel’s Shield. 

The action, storytelling, and tone of the series fit exactly what fans of Marvel were hoping for when Shield was announced early this year. 

But enough about Shield, why is Arrow so awesome? 

Well if you need a fix of the Dark Knight in a post Nolan landscape of comic book movies, Arrow is your best bet. In fact, an argument can be made, supported and won that Arrow is essentially a mild rip off of the Dark Knight trilogy. To that I say… SO WHAT? 

Green Arrow as a concept is of itself a rip off of Batman to begin with. His origins closely resemble Batman so much that were he not created by DC Comics in the first place, they would have sued for copyright infringement. 

The show stars Steven Amell, his abs, his torso, more of his abs, and a great cast of supporting players lead by David Ramsey as John Diggle. 

If your in the mood for a fun, soapy, and exciting Superhero television show look no further than the CW, Wednesdays at 8pm. 


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