Fade in on a BOY…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted and boy are my creative chop tired…

Yeash… I’m lame. Anyway I’m also back and ready to start posting stuff again. Expect the following and soon. Short stories. Short Films. Works in Progress. Essays and more.  In the meantime I’m going to talk to you all about something I found pretty darn cool. No not cats, though they are awesome.


Yes, LinkedIn, the social network of the Trumps and the Bransons, and Roger that guy in your office who always tells you about Apple’s stock. Well it turns out that little website that could is actually very useful and pretty neat.

Beyond the obvious, seeing all your friends in business attire it’s an amazing opportunity for people to network digitally to other professionals and business they enjoy. If used correctly (like anything in this world) LinkedIn could be the most valuable tool you have to achieving your dream job…. Unless your dream is to be Jon Bon Jovi.

That position is already filled.

Check me out on LinkedIn at:





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