Fade in on a BOY…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted and boy are my creative chop tired…

Yeash… I’m lame. Anyway I’m also back and ready to start posting stuff again. Expect the following and soon. Short stories. Short Films. Works in Progress. Essays and more.  In the meantime I’m going to talk to you all about something I found pretty darn cool. No not cats, though they are awesome.


Yes, LinkedIn, the social network of the Trumps and the Bransons, and Roger that guy in your office who always tells you about Apple’s stock. Well it turns out that little website that could is actually very useful and pretty neat.

Beyond the obvious, seeing all your friends in business attire it’s an amazing opportunity for people to network digitally to other professionals and business they enjoy. If used correctly (like anything in this world) LinkedIn could be the most valuable tool you have to achieving your dream job…. Unless your dream is to be Jon Bon Jovi.

That position is already filled.

Check me out on LinkedIn at:







What’s up all! 

My favorite band (mainly because I know them) Emergency Service is playing a show this Thursday at the Bitter End and yours truly will be filming the event as part of a music video being shot in conjunction with a contest the band won for Coca-Cola. The song, “Hideaway”, will be debuted that night. 

I’ve heard it already, it’s a great song. Visit Emergency Service’s website to sample some of their music, see if its for you and come out, support the band and maybe get in a music video. 

Full Details below. 


Hi Everyone!

Hope you’re all doing well and are getting into the holiday spirit! We definitely are and we’re excited to announce that our 6th Annual Holiday Show & Toy Drive is one week from today! We’ll be rocking at the Bitter End, our favorite NYC venue, and will be sharing the bill with friends of ours and a talented collective of musicians that go by the name “Members Of…” 

We love this show as it’s a chance for us to give back a little bit and put some smiles on some kids’ faces. The band pools together money to buy a bunch of toys to get things started, and each year you all help out and make the toy drive a success which we really appreciate! We donate the toys to the Bowery Mission and they are always extremely grateful when we show up. Anything you can bring, however small (or large), is very much appreciated!!


LIVE @ THE BITTER END  (147 Bleecker St.)


Tix $10

At the show we will be debuting our new song “Hideaway” which was recently selected to be part of Coca-Cola’s new “52 Songs of Happiness” global campaign. We are really excited to have been chosen to be part of the campaign and stoked to play it for the first time. Check out this LINK to read more about it!

Not only are we hyped for one or our favorite shows of the year, but it is also our very own Ed “Aureliam” Matos’ Birthday Night, so you know we’re going to be ready to PARTY! That said, we’ll see you in ONE WEEK! 






Every week I’m going to post things I’m loving. It’s my way of sharing awesome things with my community, plus added bonus, maybe you’ll start loving this stuff too. 

This week, I’m loving Arrow, the CW drama based on the DC Comics character, Green Arrow. 

For those of you stuck watching Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD and whose eyes roll anytime something from Marvel’s distinguished competition is mentioned, I submit to you Arrow, a show that is vastly superior in every way, shape, and wait for it… form to Marvel’s Shield. 

The action, storytelling, and tone of the series fit exactly what fans of Marvel were hoping for when Shield was announced early this year. 

But enough about Shield, why is Arrow so awesome? 

Well if you need a fix of the Dark Knight in a post Nolan landscape of comic book movies, Arrow is your best bet. In fact, an argument can be made, supported and won that Arrow is essentially a mild rip off of the Dark Knight trilogy. To that I say… SO WHAT? 

Green Arrow as a concept is of itself a rip off of Batman to begin with. His origins closely resemble Batman so much that were he not created by DC Comics in the first place, they would have sued for copyright infringement. 

The show stars Steven Amell, his abs, his torso, more of his abs, and a great cast of supporting players lead by David Ramsey as John Diggle. 

If your in the mood for a fun, soapy, and exciting Superhero television show look no further than the CW, Wednesdays at 8pm. 


This is my television network I created for a class project this semester. I worked with a group for four other individuals all of whom provided excellent support and produced fantastic work for the project.

As the groups def factor leader it was my responsibility to provide guidance and support to our members. The attached PowerPoint presentation was our final in class presentation. We haven’t received our score back, but I firmly believe we got an A.

Take a look, let me know what you think.


Welcome to John Longo’s Professional Blog


Hello and welcome to my blog! 

This space is going to be used to demonstrate my abilities in Media, Film and Television production. I  will be sharing my proudest accomplishments, as well as some of my least favorite accomplishments here.

I hope you’re read for a wild ride. 

Please feel free to leave a comment, a tip or a non-hateful message.